agamboi has written 23 reviews for films rated ★★½ during 2020.

  • Pink Moon

    Pink Moon


    This was dumb until I *got it*, after which point it was still dumb, but I got it.

  • Those People

    Those People


    so dramatic! the whole thing kind of works tho

  • Clue



    Why was Mr. Green in purple and Professor Plum in green? Inexcusable

  • Bombshell



    Watch The Assistant instead.

  • These Hammers Don't Hurt Us

    These Hammers Don't Hurt Us


    you can tell this is just on the cusp of the vaperwave rev

  • Berlin Horse

    Berlin Horse


    pretty and loopy

  • Lick the Star

    Lick the Star


    streamlined but heavy handed. not much here

    P.S. footage was over-exposed to such a hilarious degree that random kids look like Force Ghosts from star wars.

  • log 2

    log 2


    looks like I have stumbled into that strange corner of the internet again

  • Onward



    I have never seen such an outrageous number of set-up / pay-offs in the same film. Really detracted from the coherence of the plot, because yeah you can do any random thing as long as you half-heartedly and awkwardly set it up an hour before. Not Pixar's finest plot, or animation really

  • Playdate with Destiny

    Playdate with Destiny


    sigh 😔

  • banksi unbrush ponitaeyel

    banksi unbrush ponitaeyel


    yeah whatever

  • Up at Night

    Up at Night


    T/F 2020

    Review to come.