agamboi has written 16 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2019.

  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


    the woman smoking on the sidewalk who cackles at Kevin "dontcha wish ya mommy would read ya a bedtime story" is Marla Singer and that's that

  • 2n: A Story of the Power of Numbers

    2n: A Story of the Power of Numbers



  • Pianissimo



    nice but absolutely not pianissimo

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain


    Milwaukee Film Festival 2019

    Jeff Goldblum plays an adapted version of 20th century lobotomist WJ Freeman II, who popularized and mass-inflicted this garbage procedure on thousands. The Mountain brings us into the period when his surgical practice was thriving but just on the brink of being debunked. He travels from asylum to asylum hammering icepicks through patients' eyesockets, severing their prefrontal cortex in order to cure their mental illness.

    Along the way we meet Andy (played well by the lovely…

  • Judy



    Pathetic filmmaking. Great acting. Acting not enough to compensate for filmmaking. End of story. You’ve seen enough musician biopic flops to know the way these things go.

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Cannot believe Dragged Across Concrete runs for 159 minutes. Terrible editing causes the film to run, seriously, 25 minutes longer than necessary. Don't just call it a "slow burn" and move on. A slow, methodical, plodding pace has to serve the interests of the film and plot structure, which here it not only fails to serve, but actively works against. You will be so bored watching this movie, with little payoff from it.

    Dragged Across Concrete raises more questions about…

  • Black Tide

    Black Tide


    disturbing meandering meaningless and weak. well-shot but otherwise overbaked and contorted.

  • The Far Green Country

    The Far Green Country


    Okay so these are clearly Christian people but they manage to self-censor their faith out of the entire documentary, leaving a disconnected assortment of emotional introspection and practical advice. Without the broader context in which these ideas make sense, The Far Green Country comes across as hollow. The woman admits this at one point. “Living for yourself can become very... self-absorbed after a while.” Well, yeah. But then she points to a number of other things that can become equally…

  • Sun Don't Shine

    Sun Don't Shine


    Anti-interesting. Fraught with filmmaking and acting problems. The directorial voice clearly displayed in Sun Don't Shine seems to be in reaction to everything I've lately come to appreciate. Painful at times and unendurable at others. You will want to scream at the girl for being an idiot in every possible way, and then you will want to scream at the writer who located all the stupidity only into one character who is a woman. I was shocked to find that…

  • The Hole in the Ground

    The Hole in the Ground


    Repeats every lame, overblown troupe of the horror genre but with slightly better cinematography? From its first minute The Hole in the Ground is all caught up in its own seriousness but fails to deliver on any of it.

  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light


    Chicago Critics Film Festival 2019

    My least favorite public speaking gimmick is when someone starts quoting song lyrics and analyzes how they contain a hidden truth that nobody realized was there. (This happens almost every week at church, since we sing vague songs that can be related to any topic). Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an entire movie which is just that gimmick over and over and over again.

    Cheesy, lame, melodramatic, and laced with more sentimentality…

  • Crude Oil

    Crude Oil


    Chicago Critics Film Festival 2019

    I did not like this. It meant so little that I don't feel the need to justify why. Probably the directing style and cheap absurdist ploy. But good on the director and cast for committing to the bit.