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  • A Single Man

    A Single Man


    Really beautifully made. The saturation and color palette changes were a highlight, along with a younger Nicholas Hoult. Despite Neflix's tag "understated," the film felt "overproduced" to me, I wish I had read the book first to get a baseline for the screenplay. I liked that A Single Man resists merely eroticizing gay love, and treats the ugly and painful emotional parts as well

  • Zodiac



    I am underwhelmed. JG's acting was good but who cast RDJr for his role? Plot could have been cut tighter. Wish DF had resisted the urge to 'close the case,' since we don't really know. Film had little to nothing to offer for artistics / aesthetics. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, see the orange heart? The basement scene?! But overall nothing too special.

    I did get scared doing laundry afterword, because, what if the Zodiac Killer killed me while I was folding my underwear

  • Lot in Sodom

    Lot in Sodom


    Very interesting piece. Along with the interpretive tradition that has surrounded Sodom and Gomorrah since about 100 BCE, this short film focuses on the gay aspects of the narrative. Which of course does not reflect the historical reality underlying the story. I mean that nobody had concepts like "sexual orientation" when S&G was written, and anal penetration was considered shameful for the bottom but not the top, so conflating the men of Sodom with "homosexuals" is a gross over-reading, missing…

  • Tenet



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Why has it been so hard to care about movies and reviewing during quarantine? I watched maybe 10 movies the past five months and wrote a handful of low-effort reviews. I imagined when I got sent home from school and then was stuck inside all summer that I would be watching movies non-stop. But that did not happen, I think, because movies had been my relaxation after work, something I did when I was drained and needed release or escape.…

  • Free Fall

    Free Fall


    I know dozens of people who have gone through this and it is excruciating to no end. Marc and Kay's love for one another is beautiful but their time and place, their society, has shamed that love into repression. That caused Marc's denial, of course, but in a more basic sense it also allowed Marc's marriage in the first place. One of the positive side effects of alleviating gay stigma is not just the acceptance of relationships like Marc and Kay's, but also the prevention of marriages like Marc and Bettina. Free Fall gets at that problem with painful clarity.

  • The Way Back

    The Way Back


    Focused character arcs, warm mahogany color palette, restrained performances, minimalist bass clef piano score — The Way Back is a grounded film. It needed to be. Alcoholism, trauma, and recovery are heavy topics and I think they deserve their weight on screen. I really liked what I saw, and casting Affleck made it even better, in the same way Honey Boy meant so much more because of Shia's role.

    But I wanted more. It seemed a shallow in places. Did…

  • Handsome & Majestic

    Handsome & Majestic


    There was a time I could not admit my true self in public. But this changed recently. I am not broken. I do not need to be fixed.

  • The Checkup

    The Checkup


    this was nice I liked it

  • The Sunset Limited

    The Sunset Limited


    Forgot to log this earlier. Love McCarthy. The dialogue is killer and obviously structured as a stageplay, but if you know that going in, you're set. No doubt I will rewatch this at some point to steal quotes for sermon illustrations. TLJ and SLJ are perfect actors and a perfect duo.

  • Ashes and Diamonds

    Ashes and Diamonds


    This was a good movie, Wadzja's artistic vision is at least 20 years ahead of his time. Been more than a week so honestly I forget most of what made this click. But... good!

  • The Prison in Twelve Landscapes

    The Prison in Twelve Landscapes


    Currently streaming free on Vimeo.

    Composition is A+ but the subject faltered a lot in the second half. This is my favorite style of documentary.

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    Ok so despite how insufferable this movie is I know that Baumbach is onto something here. Like this is a real person, or an archetype of a real person, and several of my friends are heading in this direction. Maybe Frances is an archetype, maybe she is a phase, but everyone becomes her in the narrative pattern of their life for some amount of time. I wonder if I will become this way after finishing grad school (one day I…