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  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    'Twas a wel-quemed awntyr of Wawain dere-worthi,
    We mowen sweteli yencallen fylowingly,
    and houghbehit likynge of betre films past
    Geyncallen with equale if not surer swiftnesse;
    for Eggers Y yerne, a filmwright ic deine
    Better heme-wel for grisle and grure in wode,
    Þat grene mere wher god man may tryst with temptacioun,
    Where wycchecrafte and sorseryes engrinen þe soule.
    From A24 usaunces cannet overscapeþ
    The Grene Knyght, non-ayen-stonding its vertues.

    Scattered beneath the greaves and ash-snow of confounding humour and…

  • Dynasty Warriors

    Dynasty Warriors


    Making a Dynasty Warriors film should have been very simple: the first scene introduces Lu Bu, and then the next two hours are a supercut of every playable character demonstrating their move set in front of a green screen. It's as easy as one, two, three kingdoms. Judging by the lack of Zhuge Liang in this film, however, it appears that the creators had no interest in strategies that work. After five years of waiting, what arrives under the guise…

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  • Ganja & Hess

    Ganja & Hess


    The scariest part was when Meda brushed his teeth with bath water.

    The narrative sense of Ganja & Hess is completely twisted; a story there may be, but it is buried in a stream of sensations and information divorced from the flow of conventional storytelling. As the film lumbers through its gloomy presentations of religious congregations, suicidal ruminations, and vampiric assignations, it accumulates a surreal thematic weight that both counters and completes the dated quality of its overall production. It also…

  • Robin Redbreast

    Robin Redbreast


    A perfect crash course in how to make a compelling folk horror film: ship a well-to-do, "modern-thinking" woman from London to the countryside and saturate every shot and every interaction with subtext about how unhappy the locals are that outsiders have intruded. The television film format curtails the production values, scope, and duration, but Robin Redbreast excels in such a minimal setting, building tension with strange looks and turns of phrase. The onset of horror is gradual and subtle but…

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  • Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie

    Saga of Tanya the Evil: The Movie


    "Everybody knows the Commies have shit AA defenses. Any idiot could land a Cessna in Red Square."
    "Uh... Forget that."

    Smash cut of the year. Facial expression of the year. Disgusting Gorbachev caricature of the year. Performance of the year from Aoi Yuuki, if we have to throw in one "real" thing. Who would have thought that the most freedom-chugging, Commie-bashing, Soviet-smashing ball of free-world frenzy since Red Dawn would be an anime about isekai Germany? "They're Commies. Blow…

  • [REC]²



    Lesson #1: If the Spanish SWAT team can conduct a raid on an apartment complex infested with evil while wearing masks, you can definitely suck it up and wrap a piece of cloth around your face when you go to the gym.

    Lesson #2: Aim your firearms responsibly. I cannot stress this enough.

    In preparation for this, I watched the first [REC] for the first time in almost a decade and found that it holds up remarkably well: it remains…