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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    (He’s a hero.) 

    Heroes are indestructible. Heroes save people. He’s saved plenty of them. But... heroes can’t be sad. And he gets sad a lot. 

    To be a hero, he needs to push his feelings aside, as though they don’t matter. They can’t matter. He has to be big and strong. He doesn’t want to be big and strong sometimes. 

    He’s seen the world at its worst. Has dealt with the worst sorts of scum. He now kills people without…

  • Burning



    She looks at you and sees the world. She sees someone who makes her feel safe, someone she’s happy around. You look at her and realize that you’re in love. Not with her, but with the feeling she gives you. 

    She’s a dreamer. She wants the world to someday live in perfect harmony. She daydreams about her life, and has it all mapped out. She wants to be an ideal person more than anything, she wants someone to love her.…

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  • Mandy



    “I’m your god now.” 

    As soon as this started with a King Crimson song, I knew I was going to adore it.

  • The Fisher King

    The Fisher King


    Not at all what I was expecting. Flawlessly blends heartwarming and heartbreaking, with just enough laughs sprinkled in. 

    The cast is impeccable, and each of their characters fit so well into the story’s plot. Jack’s redemption is written so believably as he goes back and forth between his old ways and realizing that he can be better to those in his life. Williams and Bridges work perfectly off of each other, definitely some of their best and most underrated work. …

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