Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

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Absolutely heartwarming, very funny too. 

Roman Griffin Davis runs the show, he’s a STAR, and so goddamn adorable. Some of the actors falter a bit because of their “accents”, but it came off as part of the charm to me, it was a bit annoying sometimes, but it made it even more hilarious. 

It does stumble a few times trying to find its place and figure out EXACTLY what it wants to be, but it didn’t exactly ruin the experience. Most of the comedy lands, most of the serious moments as well. The shoe scene in particular made me GASP. 

While thete are indeed a few things keeping it from being truly GREAT, but it’s still very very worthwhile. I’m also just a sucker for nice endings, so of course this had me smiling like an idiot at the end. What a good time!

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