Midsommar ★★★★½

Finally a breakup film for the arthouse gang! 

All jokes aside though, this review is gonna be very incoherent. This is one of those films that are just very hard to form thoughts on after watching. 

Ari Aster makes existential horror for the modern generation. And I fucking love it. 

This is a trip, plain and simple. Gorgeous but also deeply disturbing. That ending shot is still racing through my mind, Jesus Christ.

I definitely need another vieweing to completely comprehend it (also the asshole in the theater next to me that kept saying “this is so dumb” after everything  didn’t help. like dude it’s okay not to like it but either keep it in your head or leave if it’s that awful to you lmao), but Aster has made a solid follow up to Hereditary. 

Speaking of Hereditary, Aster calls this a “companion” to that film, and I can see why. It sort of contrasts it in many ways, while also having what makes an Ari Aster film an Ari Aster film. Hereditary had dull and dark lighting, whereas Midsommar’s horrors all happen in broad daylight. Both focus on grief, but very different aspects of it with very different characters. Hereditary relies more on the horror aspect(if that makes sense), and I viewed this more as a black comedy/satire. They’re two very different films, and yet they tackle the same topics and themes. It would make a bomb double feature. 

Florence Pugh is this year’s Toni Collette, let’s hope she doesn’t get snubbed as much. 

There’s a very unique and fucked mind behind these films, and I sincerely hope he’s here to stay. 



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