Persona ★★★★★

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(Film 34) 

How does one even begin to write about Persona? If I’m being quite honest, I’ve sat on it for a few days, thinking about what to say, and how the hell to say it. I still can’t say I really know, all I really know that this is just my sort of film. 

It starts out sort of horrifying and harsh in a way, and as it progresses, it gets sort of beautiful as well. Such a seemingly simple story on paper made intricate and interesting by its characters, and the questions it raises to the viewer. There’s so much to it, nobody will ever be able to full explain it, and that is what makes it the classic that it is. 

The beauty of Persona and all films like it is that it can mean what you want it to. There are bare bones interpretations, but even then, it’s possible you and I can see something so different within it. 

This is one of the most well regarded films in history, and rightfully so. There’s so much about it that’s relevant today, so much that is a commentary on its own time as well. Truly a timeless masterpiece.

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