Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

“Honey, I’m really sorry, I don’t wanna die!” 

“Neither did I, you selfish fuck.” 

A horror-satire that while very reminiscent of horror satires we’ve already seen (You’re Next, Cabin in The Woods), manages to have tons of good qualities and a fresh voice that make it a great and welcomed entry into the 2010s horror scene. Very contained plot, I was wondering if it was going to hold up but was also relieved when things begun happening right away. A lot of horror films find themselves suffering from trying to shove drama in where it doesn’t exactly fit and some do the complete opposite and are just empty. Ready or Not finds a balance. There’s drama and commentary sure, but it never takes itself TOO seriously, that much is obvious from the jump. 

It’s nothing game changing at all, but it’s such a good time that it’s hard NOT to at least enjoy the time you spend with it. Some good gore, good laughs, and a great final girl and ending are just some of the things that make this as good as it is. I can totally see why it got all the love it did now! 

The only issues I had were that some of the pacing felt a BIT slow at points, and some of the writing is a bit sloppy, leading to some things not landing all to well or making sense. Perhaps that’s just me being nit picky though because I really did love it, and can definitely see myself revisiting it in the future and probably loving it more!!

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