Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★½

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“I feel like I’m always searching for something, for someone...” 

 Went into this expecting a cute and soft little romance, and sure I got some of that... but I also got my heart BROKE. 

I’ll of course start out by talking about the animation. It’s breathtaking and gorgeous, so many scenes are so good looking it’s almost unfair. This film doesn’t just rely on its good looks though, it had plenty of wonderful substance to go along with it. 

This has such a layered story with such intricately written characters, the plot in itself seems very bizarre, but something absolutely beautiful is crafted out of it in the end, something so much deeper than anticipated. It tackles its ideas in such a brilliant and heartfelt way, just the sheer uniqueness in its presentation makes it stand out from not only other animated films, but films in general. 

I’m still trying to wrap my head completely around it, but I loved it. Definitely a thinker, and I can see it going up to a five if I ever revisit it again. What a beautiful little heartbreaker.

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