A Simple Favor ★★★½

Anna Kendrick rapping Ante Up is just what I needed as a pick me up in 2020, and somehow this gave that to me so it was bound to get a good rating
In all seriousness, this was surprisingly great, or at least the first half was until it fell off severely in my opinion
I honestly thought this was going for a Persona-Lite kinda vibe in the first half, which I was fully here for although I don’t know where it ends up after a certain point
The back half is basically Gone Girl and The Jinx, and it was fairly predictable which is upsetting considering how genuinely thrilling the first half of this was
Anna Kendrick was Anna Kendrick in this, but Blake Lively, my goodness, she was outstanding 
Costume was design was incredibly and the whole soundtrack was just fuegooooooo
The weirdest thing was that there’s legit no protagonist in this because everybody is a shitty person in it lol
All in all though, this was certainly enjoyable

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