Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

Fincher is really king of these extremely intense thrillers. He never injects too much flair or flash to his films, and instead lets everything else set the scene
The story from Flynn is extremely complex and interesting, but really it’s downright demented when you finish the film. I thought the script in the first act seemed very odd, specifically the dialogue, and I don’t know if it was the intention on having all the delivery feel very flat, but something felt out of place
The rest of the film put that aside however as everyone really brought it around so I can’t complain all that much
The score from Atticus and Ross was a great companion and one that took the ups and downs into deep consideration as the mood would swing 
I will say, the editing was great in some moments, like the cutaways during the final third, yet for a film that reveled in its slow buildup, it felt almost rushed at times which threw me off
I felt the end ran a bit too long as well, yet I would have loved to see more of that as the blatant commentary on media politics throughout was my favorite aspect
Who knows when the next Fincher film will come around, but i’m glad that I have some others I can watch until then!

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