Mikey and Nicky ★★★½

What an interesting piece of filmmaking, and there’s really nothing I enjoy more than a film that takes place over the course of a day, or in this case, a night
A complex relationship layered over a world that clearly has a lot of history that drives directly through the titular characters, we witness an erratic, disorienting run from a silent hunter, always lurking in the shadows (or maybe not)
Both leads are great, and they certainly have their ups and downs nailed to a tee
The editing is jarring and rightfully so, as it places you right in the paranoia
A fantastic opening that loses its way a bit in the middle, before coming back to a painstakingly tragic, albeit incredibly poetic and damning, ending for the ages
Definitely see how this is a blueprint for moments of Uncut Gems, and the Safdies in general