Se7en ★★★★

David Fincher is truly a king of suspenseful and thrilling films
Set in a world that has long been forgotten by all that is good, the grim story that takes place is one that is timeless and impossible to put a location on, which is extremely clever of Fincher
To not have any details on where or when this occurs further proves why Freeman only agrees with the second part of Hemingway’s quote
The big three of this film bring in incredible performances, and although Kevin Spacey truly is an awful human being, the scene driving in the desert is expertly shot and acted between Pitt and him
I would say this is the “safest” Fincher film i’ve seen, in terms of commercial appeal and his specific type of film, which is by no means a bad thing
However, this did impact the writing slightly as some of it felt heavy handed and a little off-putting
I also feel as if the ending was very rushed, specifically after the final moments
This is a film that is rich with symbolism and thematic elements all over the place, so it will make a rewatch all the more enjoyable

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