Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★

My first two Letterboxd reviews never properly explained why I was so iffy on this film, and even though I was incredibly excited to revisit this after watching the whole saga again, I was even more let down upon a rewatch
Let me get this out of the way: Rian Johnson did not “ruin” Star Wars, and many of the complaints about this film can be chalked up to man babies upset about the “agenda” behind the choices made, when in reality, a lot of the complaints with this film can be made about the original trilogy
I also want to point out that this is probably the most visually pleasing film of the franchise, and Rian Johnson directed the absolute shit out of it
This film has three or four of my favorite moments in the entire franchise, and it really gives Driver and Ridley a lot to work with and really get you invested in the characters
Still, this film falls completely flat for me in most other regards 
I can excuse plot conveniences, but I can’t excuse the illogical decisions of a character for plot progression
I also can’t excuse a film devoting an hour of runtime to one of the most useless extended sequences I have maybe ever seen (Canto Bight, what the fuck)
That also brings me to everyone’s favorite character Rose. Don’t get me wrong, what “fans” did to Kelly Marie Tran is horrible and shouldn’t be excused at all. I’m sure she’s great, and I hope she got past all that awful behavior. But speaking about her character, the film puts way too much emphasis onto a very generic character, who as much as she seems to be about the Rebellion, still pulls one of the worst lines of dialogue in the whole saga
My opinions on Luke in this are a mixed bag, but as the film progresses I opened up to him more. That scene with Yoda is an absolute all timer
The pacing and tone of this film is most definitely not for me even remotely, but as I said, luckily it has some of the best franchise moments to hold it together for me
This film has been written about and discussed ad infinitum, and the only reason I did this is because I felt obligated to have at least some record of some of my thoughts on paper
This is a divisive film, and some will agree, and some will disagree. What shouldn’t be divisive is the fact that Rian Johnson is a fantastic director, and even though I disagree with virtually all of his choices in this film, he made a Star Wars film that looks incredible and stuck to his own lane, and doing that under Disney should always be at least commended

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