Suspiria ★★★★½

This is as daunting a film to write about as it is to watch, but the best way I can describe Suspiria is hypnotizing
This is in large part due to the choreography which I can’t help but awe over
Every move simply feels so guttural and every thump is pronounced. The dances speak volumes to the evil that is oozing out of this dance academy, as we see in the pretzel scene, which had my jaw open for the entirety of the sequence. It was at that point where I knew Guadagnino was not kidding when he claimed this film was a reinvention of the original, not a remake
Gone are the colors of the past, leaving us more with a drab look into madness, which works so much better for this film
Tilda Swinton is impactful, and everything she has to say is open for dissecting immensely, but my love falls with Dakota Johnson in this one. She stole the show with her moves and simply allowing the audience to wonder what is truly going on in her mind
The main theme I pulled out of this film is from a quote early on. Something along the lines of “Mothers can take the places of many but nobody can take the place of mother”. To me, this summarizes the films climax in a nutshell, and I am eager to dive into it more
The only reason this isn’t a pure 5 is because there were a lot of jarring cuts and editing here and there that just felt off to me, as well as an aspect that, to me, seemed unresolved. I will be watching this again soon, as I want to be transfixed on the beautiful, yet hideous events before me, and I’m sure I will be able to look past those small elements as this is simply one of the most unique film experiences you’re going to see all year

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