The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

While this is not my favorite Anderson (it sticks with The Royal Tenenbaums, although I should watch again to confirm), this is undoubtedly his masterpiece 
It’s a brilliant film about love, companionship, passion for one’s vocation in whatever field it may be, and a general sense of compassion for the world around you
Whether it’s crumbling or not, if the time you crave has been long gone or it has yet to arrive, you should strive for the same manner of excellency and kindness
As Zero says “His world has vanished long before he ever entered it, but he certainly sustained the illusion”
I’m under the impression that people can will things into existence in a way, and positive thinking brings forth positive events into life
Life is far too short to be cruel to one another, so it is up to us to make the most of it with the people we can make it with, and this film showcases that, albeit in a slightly absurd fashion, but that’s Wes Anderson for you
His creative use of surrealism and storybook tales make the impactful moments all the more powerful, and at the core of all his stories, tragedy truly lies within them, making for a beautiful story every single time, perhaps none more beautiful than the one told here
With an absolutely impeccable cast and some of the most incredible set and production design that has ever been put to film, Wes Anderson’s masterpiece is beautiful, it’s idiosyncratic, and it’s riotously funny from beginning to end 

I’ll be discussing this film at length with a very special guest/super fan of the film on my podcast, Where's The Remote? The episode comes out this Friday!

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