The Irishman ★★★★½

Few filmmakers could make a film this grand in scope and somehow seamlessly pull it off not only properly, but masterfully 
With this film, Scorsese completely flipped an aspect that makes his films so entertaining on its head, and instead crafted an incredibly complex and contemplative tale of not only a life, but a massive legacy
There’s no glory or embellishment in the heinous acts committed on screen. The theatrics are gone, and instead, every gunshot is quick, anti-climactic, and most importantly, harshly felt
The cast is legit just powerhouse after powerhouse, and it’s truly astonishing to see these legends take everything to the next level entirely
While I found myself looking for holes in the de-aging, I very quickly lost myself in just how fantastic everything looked by the end
Make no mistake, this film is incredibly long, but at no point is it boring. This saga was simply too large to be trimmed, and as such, it shows just how impactful all these people were, so I loved that it spared zero expenses when it came to the story itself
That finale truly was absolutely heartbreaking, and is unlike anything i’ve seen from Scorsese, but my god did it feel necessary for one of the greatest filmmakers ever to make
I’m conflicted on this next statement, and would need to do much more thinking and probably watch again before confirmation, but this very well may be Scorsese’s masterpiece in a career of them. It’s truly unbelievable in every sense of the word, and if you can see it in theaters, you have no reason not to

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