The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island ★★★★

Oh hell yes
I love Pete Davidson obviously and of course NY (except Staten lol), so I was very excited for this to come out for a while now
It’s a classically funny Judd Apatow movie, with a lot of heart for its characters
Pete is good as his usual self, but I was very impressed with some of Bill Burr’s quieter moments, as well as Buscemi in a minor role 
That Action Bronson cameo is *perfection*
I thought this was a bit too long for its own good, but it was never bad, simply because it gave its softer moments more time to feel earned and the humor doesn’t get sacrificed as a part of that
It just played a very good balance between the two, and made the film feel stronger as a whole by the end
Give Davidson more star vehicles like this please
I also want a 3 hour movie of just Scott’s adventures in NYC
Personal borough ranking for fun: Queens -> Brooklyn -> Manhattan -> Bronx -> Staten Island