Us ★★★★

Peele’s sophomore film is ambitious, bold, messy at times, but overall an incredibly mind bending follow up
Peele’s mind is clearly a funhouse of twists and turns, and that third act proves it tenfold, considering how out there it is, but it truly pays off and becomes extremely intriguing
Lupita Nyong’o was amazing and her performance will be remembered for ages, but to be honest, the physicality brought from all the cast was top notch and really sold the horror of it all
The sound design in this was next level and easily my favorite aspect, including that score
The opening credits were brilliant people!!
There were some inconsistencies that truly held it back from being great, but i’m leaving it at this rating now for further unpacking before my second viewing this weekend
Nevertheless, Peele knocked it out of the park with this and I’m already sold on whatever he has up his sleeve next

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