• Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch


    This film rides the line between absolutely badass and heartbreakingly tragic like it’s nothing. Hedwig whips nonstop on stage with banger after banger, and even amidst all her hardships, Hedwig still manages to deliver comical line after line in spite of it all
    John Cameron Mitchell’s direction has a distinct flair to it that embraces the punk rock energy Hedwig and her band bring to stages (restaurants) all across America
    Seeing this outdoor on Governor’s Island with a crowd clapping, cheering, and signing only made this tender film that much better

  • Kamikaze Hearts

    Kamikaze Hearts


    Deeply fascinating examination between two lovers trying to find an escape from the artform and performance they excel in
    It’s layered in tragedy but also a reclamation of sorts? Many thoughts, will write a longer piece on this coming soon to try and parse through them further
    Go see this at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg on July 19th if you’re able!

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

    A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors


    This takes the nightmares further into fantastical territory, which I felt removed the best horror elements I loved of the first two, but I also loved that this also uses the dreams these kids have as a means of reclamation from those very same nightmares… I just wish it was used a bit more to achieve some deeper catharsis
    The house being smashed up the Freddy worm is such a fun little moment, but between that and Taryn’s nightmarish demise,…

  • Elvis



    What began as a madcap stylistic extravaganza for the sole reason of giving cinemagoers but a taste of what it must have felt like being unable to grasp what they were hearing when they witnessed Elvis’ arrival, ends tenderly as a loving portrait for one of the most successful artists of all time
    Austin Butler is extraordinary in this, but when he’s singing, goddamn it feels like a spirit took over because every musical sequence has the weight of a…

  • Christine



    I’m shocked at how much this glosses over in terms of character depth. I’m all for cutting for the sake of time (and as far as adaptations could go, King has plenty that works in prose but not film), but you can’t paste scenes directly from the source material into the film without changes made, otherwise the whole product suffers
    It just feels like Dennis and Leigh become hollow plot vehicles as opposed to the two people who are supposed…

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge

    A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge


    I thought this was going to go in so many different directions throughout it’s brisk runtime, but what I was most taken by was how little Freddy is in this… until the final 30 minutes goes off the deep end into sequences that rival the original in my opinion 
    This sequel is able to capitalize on what made the original so great, while also subverting some of those very same elements to make for an experience where I legitimately did…

  • The Year Between

    The Year Between


    Fun at moments, I think that The Year Between pulls no punches on a reality of what living with bipolar disorder might be like for some people, but is able to effectively do so in a way that doesn’t feel belittling, mockingly or exploitative 
    Instead, it’s a film that is often pretty fun with moments of earnest sweetness peppered throughout
    Steve Buscemi in this is just the cherry on top, what a fun surprise that was seeing him appear

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


    Cinematic excellence brought to us by the greatest to ever do it
    Non-stop forward momentum by way of otherworldly forces, action set pieces that are to die for, and subtly expertise decisions that make a Spielberg film so special
    Bathed in shadows, literally and historically, this film soars as it grapples with a hero who doesn’t sometimes believe in what he chases, yet remains rigid in his devotion nevertheless
    Harrison Ford excels at every turn in bringing one of the greatest film characters ever to life
    Was in the presence of Spielberg for a Q&A afterwards and I will never be the same

  • Employee Of The Month

    Employee Of The Month


    I was really into this early on, but it lost a bit of its flair once the film starts beginning to wrap everything up
    Still, the satirical building to the snap with regards to office culture works, and from there, there’s a few clever moments

  • A Wounded Fawn

    A Wounded Fawn


    Holy effing shit would be more than enough of a review for A Wounded Fawn, but that would be a complete and utter disservice to just how batshit insane and downright spine chilling this film really is
    There’s a visceral level of fear bombarding the viewer from every angle, on levels from the physical to the theoretical to the mythological
    It’s unnervingly scary in a way I truly have not felt from a horror film in a long time. Easily…

  • Lightyear



    Andy had so many better options to see a movie in 1995 over this one
    It’s not very fun for like 85% of the runtime, and the middle just drags and drags
    Just straight down the middle playing it safe across the board, but Sox is pretty fun and i’ll surely get something related to him at Disneyland next month
    It’s Pixar, so it at least looks cool, and I would like to see more fun genre spins out of them in the future, as long as there’s some story improvement over this. I know they have it in them

  • Jerry & Marge Go Large

    Jerry & Marge Go Large


    It’s a cute movie that basically amounts to a wholesome Breaking Bad
    Bryan Cranston is just fantastic in whatever he stars in, and him and Annette Bening are so goddamn cute together
    It never really leaves the lane it’s good at, but it’s heartfelt and incredibly cute with a great scheme which always makes for a fun story
    Also, is that Harvard kid the meanest person on the planet? What the hell is his problem?