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  • Relic



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Here we go... leave it to a depressing film to bring me out of my movie funk. I was a bit worried about how I would take Relic, I’ve read plenty of reviews that rightfully complained of slow pacing and lack of scares. I was apprehensive but boy did this movie strike a strong cord in me, it brought back all that guilt and grief I didn’t realize I still carried due to the sudden death of my grandmother almost…

  • The Influence

    The Influence


    Oh man I’ve been striking out this month quite a bit, this is another film like the past few I’ve seen that had a ton of potential but ultimately didn’t live up to it. The Influence has a lot going for it—great atmosphere, vibrant lighting, and a creepy story about a sick elderly woman who might be a witch. It started out interesting enough, there is a really effective scare in the first act that happens so quickly it could…

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  • Spring


    I hate to disagree with the majority, but I didn’t enjoy Spring as much as I was expecting with the gleaming reviews. Right off the bat this movie isn’t geared towards me in the slightest, I’m not a fan of love stories or relationship drama and this film is chalk full of it. The characters are extremely charming and the film is set in one of the most beautiful countries in the world—it’s a dream of mine to visit Italy…

  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    I was looking at the reviews for Gretel & Hansel and it seems like there’s quite a divide in opinion—after viewing the film myself I can understand both the love and hate it receives. I am split right in the middle and enjoyed some aspects but also disliked quite a few things as well. Right off the bat I was blown away by the captivating cinematography. This had such a dreamlike atmosphere taking place in a forest and house that looked…