The Vigil

The Vigil ★★

Well I thought I was going to be writing quite a different type of review for this movie based on the excitement I felt after watching the trailer. This had all the makings to be a great horror film, the story even reminded me of the vastly superior The Autopsy of Jane Doe which I highly recommend you watch if you want to actually be scared. This had such a unique demon that I’ve never seen before and an extremely likable lead in Dave Davis. It started off on such a great note too, but that hope I felt quickly fizzled out when I realized absolutely nothing was happening besides stupid things popping out going boo at me! I’m SO tired of watching movies with interesting premises being wasted with cheap jump scares, it’s such a tired formula that I’m shocked is still being implemented in place of actual tension-building. I always feel guilty writing bad reviews, but we’re in such short supply of supernatural horror these days that I wanted this so badly to be good. Please horror gods give me a scary ghost story that actually makes me want to leave the lights on at night!👻

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Daily Horror Hunt #33 (March 2021)

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