20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★★

Two days ago, Brazil's "president" (always between quotes, you know why) Michel Temer gave a disastrous speech on International Women's Day, in which he only repeated the old misogynist and sexist mindset we've been living on for ages, and I couldn't help but think to myself "it doesn't matter the backlash against him or the numerous articles afterwards, criticizing his clumsy and eye-rolling speech....the fact is: He. will. never. get. it."
We were raised in a society ruled by men with values set by men and Patriarchy is THE great evil of this century, because it is so deeply rooted in our society it is hard to see how can we effectively come out of it.

Therefore, I was SO glad to watch 20th Century Women only a couple of days later because it seemed like a perfect response for that episode; a sensitive film which not only features a dream female cast (Annete Bening's performance is the reason I never take the academy awards seriously) and is full of memorable moments ("menstruation!"), but its story focuses on a boy whose interest on studying more about 'clitoral orgasms' leads him to a fight with another boy. A metaphor for our patriarchy system can't get any better.
In the end, It conveys the idea that the first step for a big change is on the mindset of men raised by women (actually, the second step. The first is/was/has been on the women who thought and acted free from men's values). Honestly, I'd bet all my chips on that. This movie hits the bull's fucking eye.

Can't wait to see the sequel, 21th Century Men.

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