Suspiria ★★★

It deserves all the credit for being more a bold reimagination of the same concept than a remake, drenched in cinematic personality and genuine disturbing moments.
That said, it's a film swallowed by its own ambitions. It ends up feeling stuffed by TOO many ideas that never quite hold together. From a shallow real-world political background to a dull emotional storyline (with a unecessary and distractive Tilda Swinton on make up), or the lack of narrative focus and weight on its characters....all make it a visually impactful but rather schizophrenic and disjointed film.

It doesn't help that the climax - even though a jaw-dropping-batshit-crazy thing - feels so frustrating, because not only the shift of the main character feels so abrupt and not properly developed (therefore all the craziness of the resolution doesn't work and feels so insipid), but especially because there seems to be no witchcraft that can make Dakota Johnson act.

Still wanna see Guadagnino doing more horror though.

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