Midsommar ★★★★★

There are good arguments for why this movie doesn't work because it occasionally buckles under the weight of its faux intellectualism, and I hear them—I don't think this is particularly smart, even as it tries to mean something, sometimes. But that's fine for me, and I really just found myself enjoying it as a stylistic showcase more than anything else. Ari Aster makes great use of overhead shots here—everything seems choreographed, and indeed we know what will happen well before it does because it's told to us, through pictures revealed comic-book style in one seriously amazing tracking shot. Another great thing about that shot: the way it seamlessly transitions from evoking intrigue to creating unease and then to being humorous—a tricky balance, and one pulled off deftly.

Not sure it's fair to say I ever felt scared, but it made me upset and unnerved. Then it made me happy at the end. Weirdly very cathartic.

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