Skinamarink ★★★★★

This is terrifying, not just because of what's presented on-screen, but what exists outside the frame, beyond the bounds of our vision, limited as it already is. It's a film about trying to see in the dark, the fear of being totally unable to fully perceive the world. "Put the knife in your eye," one character says at midway through, in a dare that seems just as directed at this line's recipient as it is at the viewer. Do it, and understand how little you know about the space around you.

This is the kind of film that feels dangerous, which I mean as both a compliment and a warning. Not a fun time! But I'd definitely put myself through a traumatic second viewing if not only to admire how great Ball's filmmaking is. There's some really gorgeous stuff here, most notably the shots of the Legos backlit by the TV, which I somehow find even more unforgettable than the scares here.

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