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  • Winter Sleep
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  • Vortex



    just because this movie is not as explicit as his others (it still is) and there isn't sex or blood, now we have to pretend that it's something different from his other works?🤨 it literally has the characters of Love (you can even say it's like a spiritual sequel) and his usual themes are still there: violence, suffering in the human body, drugs —even more dangerous than in his other films—, all in order to show the distemper that exists…

  • Invasion



    knowing that the negatives for this film were hidden during the dictatorship and that it was missing for decades, that borges did the script and bioy caseres the story makes this a film worth seeing. it feels more like an anachronism and has a play of shadows that feels metaphorical. characters are very silent and their actions never lead to much because we are unware of their intentions - like a dictatorial black lodge - although it's more or less…

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