The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

My Top 50 Films Of All Time, Entry #1

I fucking love every second of it!

There is no other sentence appropriate enough to emphasise my love for The Holy Mountain. It is, in every way, shape and form a masterpiece. It is an over-rated word “masterpiece”, but i refrain from using it too often, to keep its value and integrity. So when i do say it, in my mind it means something. Something more visceral and tangible. What i have just described is not the word but the film itself and The Holy Mountain works in a similar way but far more brilliantly acute.
It is a true absurdist work which is surreal in nature. It belongs right at the top with the works of Magritte, Dalí, Kierkegaard and Camus. It asks, reflects and leaves us untethered by the end. Jodorowsky is a true master of cinema, he is able to express so much through such a creative intellect that I quiver with awe. There is so much to comprehend that it is near impossible to digest everything on your first watch, but on repeated watches the meaning deepens and it sits with you. Every scene is a creative surreal triumph, every theme is an existential horror and the whole film is a deeper understanding or rather a regression of why and what humanity is, and it is all absurd. From our ambitions, to our beliefs. From our intentions, to our actions. It is all absurd. And what Jodorowsky visually shows is just the surface in his magnum opus, as there is much more under it, which results in one of my favourite endings to a film ever made. Jodorowsky is a genius and The Holy Mountain is satire, art and philosophy at the highest level.

There is no other film like The Holy Mountain and there never will be.

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