The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

I’m going to get straight to the point: I’m extremely disappointed with this film. How can a cast of talented actors and a mystifying religious subplot derived from a novel, result in an overly pretentious, scattered, and inauspicious film. The unnecessary voice-over ruined the mood by explaining everything like I’m some dumb eleven-year-old needing to be spoon-fed with information I can easily decipher. The movie is also so underdeveloped that I didn’t feel anything when the characters come and go. The only good thing that I can think of is how it all went full circle, crossing two generations and multiple stories, into one tragic ending, but even that felt rushed, that I am left speechless when the credits rolled, in a bad way that is. I really feel like this could’ve been better as a one season TV series instead of an expeditious two-hour-long film. One thing that I can say though is how I’ve had goosebumps when Holland and Patterson’s scene came, which I believe is the best part of the film. The story of how religion and faith can be used to do such atrocious acts is not lost in me, but I wish it was presented in a much clearer and better way. Anyway, this film is going in my hot and deranged priest cinematic universe. 

Also, the way I repeated Robert Pattinson licking and sucking his fingers multiple times… I’m literally sick I think I need to pray.

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