The Empty Man

The Empty Man ★★★

Of course it’s always the white people who ends up doing dangerous urban legends and expects no repercussions whatsoever. The Empty Man is a crime horror film about a man who is solving the case of a missing girl but ends up finding a secret society attempting to summon a formidable entity. First things first—the good traits: its opening sequence is actually frightening, its spiritual concepts integrated into a doomsday cult with a supernatural creature as its God was executed nicely, and the ending’s twist was subtly hinted, but still shocking, nonetheless. With that being said, a lot of undesirable variables, for me at least, were omitted by the film, starting with its incredibly long opening schedule, that, given its important in the latter part of the plot, still dragged the entire experience with its twenty-five minute sequence that felt like it could be summarized in five minutes or less. While it's interesting that the film managed to connect its opening to its ending, the runtime between the two are repetitive and monotonous. The idea of The Empty Man is not a novel idea but its trailer managed to hook me with its enigmatic visuals, reminiscent of Candyman, but sadly, the film is nothing but that. The visuals were topnotch and the lead performances were great, but its too long of a runtime killed an almost perfect crime horror by refusing to remove unnecessary fillers. Overall, this film is not that bad, in my standards, but it had a potential, and I wished the director utilized it better.

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