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This review may contain spoilers.

Much better than I remember, honestly. I only saw this film once, when it came out in December 2017 until now. It's honestly a good movie. I understand it has major problems with the script, and I somewhat understand why some... let's be nice and say triggered fanboys hate this movie.

First of all, I'm going to say this one time and one time only: if you hate this movie because it "ruined your childhood" or if you think this film is "ES JAY DUBYU propaganda" or if you harassed any of the cast and crew, or if you think that all "real" SW fan hate this movie, then to me your opinion is completely irrelevant, you need to grow up, you don't deserve my attention, and you don't deserve my respect.

Anyway, the best parts of the movie from a screenwriting perspective at least involve Luke, Rey, and Kylo. If it only focused on that part of the movie, combined with the impressive technical aspects that I'll later address, this probably would have been the best SW film since Empire. As is, sadly, it's not.

It's got a lot of major plot holes, yes (and I'm not referring to contrivances, conveniences, or things that are explained briefly in the movie, but actual logical gaps in this already established world), but those aren't the only problems. Every character besides Luke, Kylo, and maybe Rey are either unlikable, useless, or straight up stupid! I HATED Lara Dern's character, Vice Admiral Holdo, and I felt that (SPOILERS) her sacrifice was completely unearned, given how mean ands stubborn she was towards multiple characters. I understand why she acted this way, but it doesn't feel earned. That being said, replacing her with Ackbar would have been disrespectful to the actor, who passed away before filming began. Several scenes are gratuitous and/or go way too long.

That being said, I do appreciate this film for having a less-than-predictable story and the theme of failure is commendable, even if it doesn't always come across the correct way. Also again, all scenes with Luke, Rey, and Kylo are amazing. The technical aspects, from the directing and acting, to the cinematography, to the sound, to the art and effects departments, to the editing is all some of the best if not THE best in the saga since the OT. It's so impressive. Lastly... I like the Porgs and think the reason for them existing is rather charming.

I don't LOVE this movie, but jeez, the backlash for this movie is so shocking. This is a good movie. Not great, but probably on the level of Revenge of the Sith, Rogue One, and Return of the Jedi. Definitely not as good as The Force Awakens, much less A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Definitely better than the rest of the saga, as in Solo and the remaining prequels. THOSE are bad movies.


7/10. Closer to a 6 than an 8/10 though.

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