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  • Save Ralph

    Save Ralph


    Only Waititi's ironic humour accompanied with a hint of meta along with his eccentric, poignant style can render a 4-minute short film about the cruelty test animals undergo packing such an emotional wallop. Nearly flinched at some moments. Better be a wake-up call!

  • Pickpocket


    A thriller isn’t what I was expecting, but neither a chore to sit through! As far as I can tell by the voice-over narration and the way the movie chronicles the protagonist’s life, this is supposed to be a character study. To be fair, It plays like one, but I strived to find anything of interest to compel me to be invested in Michel’s character and ended up empty handed. His anguish and internal conflict the notebook offers us a…

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  • Roma



    I admire movies of this kind; movies that feel simple and spontaneous, and have unrestrained plot. But I prepare myself before watching a movie of this kind; simply because I usually don't find myself connected emotionally with these movies. And I was ready to watch one of these art-house movies that I appreciate from the artistic and technical standpoint more than truly enjoying them. But Roma really took me off guard. Because I found out that Cuarón took this artistic…

  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth Grade


    Putting aside the unrealistically perfect character of Kayla's father (Josh Hamilton is fantastic, though) and some stereotypes that surround it, and a poorly-written subplot, Eighth Grade is an agonizingly accurate and authentic look at life’s most universally awkward phase thanks to first-time director, Bo Burnham's painstaking attention to detail, astonishing use of music that captures the spirit of the titular time period, and Elsie Fisher's breakthrough performance who played her role achingly well.