Life Is Beautiful ★★★★

The first act has the sweetness of disney movies, except it didn't reach the same level of charm of disney movies due to the overly clumsy dialogue, and the fact that the first act is very long. But I didn't mind that, or rather this isn't my main issue which is the second act and most of the third act are way more serious, because this is when the tone of the movie changed to be dark comedy, and that, of course, made the movie inconsistent in tone. Nevertheless, the movie became way more powerful as a dark comedy, and allows Benigni's clever and deft direction, and Oscar-winning performance, to shine even more. This is when the movie tug at my heartstrings, and became very devastating till its end that is as sweet as a disney movie as it is wrenching as a usual holocaust movie. Even the dialogue became more smart and touching. And let's not forget the beautiful cinematography, and Nicola Piovani Oscar-winning score.


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