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  • Heat
  • Blow Out

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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    I have to preface this by saying I’m a HUGE fan of Eggers. The movie’s premise and tone gave me a lot to look forward to. And while it delivered on several fronts, there were also some big misses. 

    As with The Witch and The Lighthouse, the production design of The Northman was striking and historically representative. The props, costumes, sets, landscape were absolutely spectacular. Many of the performances were incredible: Bjork is a revelation, Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman…

  • Body Double

    Body Double


    One of my favorite De Palma’s along with Blow Out. This is beautiful and purely cinematic Hitchcockian thriller with all the trappings: an “everyman” lead who’s not perfect but is earnest, a tight and focused plot that unravels for the audience at the same speed that it does for the protagonist, and an emphasis on visual (as opposed to verbal or dialogue-driven) storytelling.

    The burial sequence was absolutely masterful filmmaking. And the ability to effectively insert multiple cinematic styles -…