The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

A thoroughly ravishing film filled to the brim with exquisite moments. At its heart is loss and loneliness, and cradling this is the tender melancholy of finding one’s way. Central to the mood of the film is the late autumn shift into winter palates that miraculously never feel cold. Irene Jacob is perfect and Kieslowski’s direction is precise yet gentle. 

The masterful score and imaginative use of the music gives the film its diegetic push and its emotional pull. It’s Preisner’s finest score. Not only are the two Veronique’s rapturously invested in the music but the music repays the film with a mysterious and rhapsodic shimmer. The result is the epitome of Victor Hugo’s description of melancholy - the enjoyment of being sad.

It’s been twenty years between viewings, but my wonder at this film remains undimmed. I continue to adore this mysterious and elegiac masterpiece.

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