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mainly interested in aesthetics, Jcinema, sleaze, and #horror.

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  • Blood for Dracula
  • Turtle Vision
  • Macumba Sexual
  • Angel of Darkness

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  • No Mercy No Future


  • Garo Video 6: Isn't it cold?

  • Spittoon

  • A Japanese Demon

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  • Rafureshia



    watching this film at this point in my life makes me wish I can abandon everything and live a hedonistic lifestyle while searching for a rare flower in a faraway forest.

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  • Garo Video 6: Isn't it cold?

    Garo Video 6: Isn't it cold?

    Ughh. What truly made my skin crawl was the distressing sight of Sagawa subjecting the main guy to degrading and abusive treatment. The uncomfortably close-up shots, capturing every salivating detail, made me sick to my stomach. Considering Sagawa's real-life cannibalistic inclinations and the undeniable clarity between fiction and reality, it's even more unsettling that sadly, someone had the unfortunate fate of witnessing this horrifying scene before their tragic demise. (But I guess you can say that about any other film/documentary…

  • Spittoon


    Yk what? sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss💖

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  • Angst


    awww he's so sweet for not killing the dog 🥺

  • Time Adventure: 5 Seconds Til Climax

    Time Adventure: 5 Seconds Til Climax


    Who needs a fancy DeLorean or a magic wand when you have the power of orgasms?
    The cutest, most fun pinku I've watched yet! The kitten perched on the girl's shoulder for almost the entirety of the movie was adorable and honestly impressive. I hope she got a lot of treats afterward – she was a star!❤️
    Ty Lou for putting me on 😺❤️