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  • King of the Ants

    King of the Ants

    I don't think I've ever hated a movie character as much as I did Sean's

  • Erotic Symphony

    Erotic Symphony

    Franco's remake of his own film back in 1974 (Fun for Three) adapted from Marques's De Sade Justine. Set in the most beautiful european Villa I mean how did he get such beautiful locations for his low budget films? I've been in the mood lately to watch some Franco and this eurosleaze made my little heart happy, it's not the best Franco as with most of his films they're hit or mess but for this one the cinematography and the…

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  • Suspiria



    eating a salad whilst watching suspiria at three in the afternoon is my aesthetic

  • Angel Guts: Red Vertigo

    Angel Guts: Red Vertigo


    this review is gonna briefly sum my thoughts on the first five films of the Angel Guts series.

    based on /inspired by Ishii's manga by the same name are five films completely independent from each other all have a central female character called Nami with the themes of r*pe, obsession, mental derangement, perverse af men. lack of morals in a nightmarish sitting.

    it was shot by 4 directors each with complete creative freedom from the film company: one of oldest…