Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory ★★★★

Antonio Banderas carries weight in this movie. His movements are so imbued with thought and purpose that I felt them reverberate through my own body. The verisimilitude of his performance blew me away in how intricately and empathetically it captures the all-consuming pall that is chronic illness. I started crying partway through because I've never seen someone walk the way I walk before. His heaviness as he sinks to grab something from his dresser, his lightness as he takes a shot with the man he loved; the pain and glory of physical presence in the world, the pain of living in a body that belongs not only to you but to time, the glory of living in a body that you can use to create. Bodies travel through time just as art does, and we can only hope that the exquisite worlds we form with each of our external presences reach the internal presences for whom we conceive them.

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