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  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Napoleon Dynamite


    god this might be my favorite after this rewatch
    haven’t seen it in so long, forgot how ducking hilarious it is. it’s also just so full of heart and character, and the SOUNDTRACK OH MY GOD

    such a gem of a movie, impossible to hate, definitely top 3 all time

  • Defending Jacob

    Defending Jacob


    definition of mid drama television. some super high moments of acting, cinematography and directing (the kid actor honestly was pretty good he could do cool stuff in future if he has the right project), but low lows. the score was rly not good, the ending kinda sucked, and the pacing smelled funky. idk i’m probably gonna forget i ever watched this in a couple days. maybe not.

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  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie


    Ok first off I wanna note that this rating encompasses my feelings towards Breaking Bad as well, because there is no option for Breaking Bad on this damn site.

    Holy fucking shit.

    I don't think I have ever connected with, cared for, or been otherwise invested in a character as much as I was with Jesse Pinkman. In the first season and a half of the show, he is a often funny, relatable albeit sometimes one-note character that offsets Walters…

  • Soul



    rn i think this movie is easily the best of the year and honestly it’s not that close. i don’t think it’s perfect, and there could’ve been a better more impactful ending, but holy shit is this thing powerful. it delves into territory that Pixar has never even hinted about before, and just takes such a unique and inspiring method of execution to show these themes in a way that can both keep adults thinking and younger audiences engaged. it’s…