Eternals ★★½


I now understand why the critics hated it.

Eternals for me is The New Mutants of Marvel Cinematic Universe. As expected from a MCU film, the fight scenes and visual effects are astounding and we can see how Chloe Zhao's style of cinematography adapted in this blockbuster film and it is fascinating. What's lacking for me is the screenplay but I commend how diversified this film is, with such great and talented ensemble of casts. It's after all a nice try on how they've introduced a lot of characters in the story but I find some of the character arcs absurd. The resolution is very disappointing... <spoiler alert> to think that they were saved by Celestial Tiamut itself? That to me is not a good refute because it nullified what they were doing the entire time. Also, Ikaris is the main problem of the Eternals and there's not enough build-up for him to be like that. His motives were not logical enough and I think the film wanted that to be the plot twist, but I find it ridiculous. Sprite's character was the most absurd as she tried to kill Sersi just because of her love for Ikaris (???) It wasn't even portrayed how much she loved him in the movie, there's just no build up, perhaps she and Sersi lived together, so that scene to me was clearly a no-brainer. In the last scene, they acted like nothing happened between the two of them lmao.

Robb Stark knew how it feels to be betrayed and now he's doing it.