The Godfather: Part II ★★★½

to get it out of the way: robert de niro and al pacino made several points. but my god i feel sick for michael corleone. i haven’t a clue if the book provides more of an internal monologue, more feeling the way the third act does, but if that’s the case i need to get on it. the cold and calculating thing with michael is a lot more difficult to digest with the third act (the best act, i think — i felt the rest dragged save the young vito sequences). i even cried a little. just a teensy tiny bit. i think it’s very telling what kind of person i am when my favourite moment in the entire film is when michael says, “[you] talked to my father about my future. my future,” and he stays at the dining table. i wanted to see more of that michael corleone if it wasn’t clear enough. anyway, i will be reading the book. soon-ish, hopefully.

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