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This review may contain spoilers.

barry keoghan you will always be famous 
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alright. well. slightly disappointed. i went in with... well, not high expectations, but the expectation to enjoy myself, which i didn't really. 
the story felt messy and confusing. so many things happened but there was very rarely any kind of emotional impact, despite some great performances. 
most characters feel incomplete, as do their relationships. supposedly these people ("people"?) have known each other for millennia but they feel like strangers. gemma chan and richard madden have, to put it kindly, absolutely no chemistry. if they hadn't made a point of telling us directly i never would've thought they had any kind of relationship, certainly not a serious 5,000 year marriage! and gilgamesh's death doesn't feel nearly as important as it should. thena has lost the love of her life, who she's lived beside for thousands of years, and once she's done spreading his ashes after his untimely and gruesome death she's back to her old self, as if nothing has happened! shouldn't she be, like, devastated? i thought she loved this guy! sprite's betrayal also felt so meh. her relationship with sersi never felt anything more than a "eh, we tolerate each other" dynamic. almost all of the eternals, they don't seem like friends OR family... just, you know, associates. not associates who hate each other or anything, but just sort of. coworkers, i guess. 

- once ikarus was revealed to be an enemy he became 1000 times more interesting. richard madden was great in those last battle scenes.
- arishem's design!!!! loved it!!!! unnerving as hell yassss!!!!!
- what druig and makkari lack in screen time they make up for in abundant and effortless chemistry. seriously, the best characters in the movie and the only relationship i was at all invested in. 
- for all its faults, it did not feel (or look!!) like standard marvel fare for the most part and for that i am grateful, even if it didn't land for me. i hope the critical reception doesn't stop marvel from taking more chances. even though i didn't like it, at least it was different! and if there's one thing the MCU needs it's something different!

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