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  • Firebird Suite
  • Weird Al Yankovic at Blizzcon 2016
  • Superman Collection
  • Seuss
  • The Making of Plastic Beach

My Stickers Collection

730 films

A collection of wordless posters

  • Donks
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines
  • Mad God
  • Cowboy Bebop: The Lost Session


81 films

Some are good, some are bad, some are masterpieces, and some are just okay, but all of them are absolutely…

  • The Kissing Booth
  • F*&% the Prom
  • Barely Lethal
  • The Cat in the Hat
  • Swiped

Razzle Drunk Watch Canon

131 films

Every movie to fall under the scrutiny of Razzle's "We Get Drunk and Watch..." Series. Watch the full series here.

  • The Garfield Movie
  • Senior Year
  • Killroy Was Here
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru
  • Home Sweet Home Alone

POV: You're In The Void

282 films

there are many strangers, they look upon you with discerning eyes

  • Marc Antony and Cleopatra
  • The Mysteries of Myra
  • Black Orchids
  • The Dance of Death
  • The Golem: How He Came into the World

Letterboxd Posters That Slap

597 films

The title says it all.

  • Dune: Part Two
  • Totally Killer
  • El Conde
  • Groot and the Great Prophecy
  • Groot's Sweet Treat

Letterboxd Banners That Slap

133 films

RIP non-pro users

  • Loki
  • Transformers One
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron: Earthrise
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron: Siege
  • Conan the Barbarian

Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse

314 films

The Watcher legally had to watch all of this.

Technically, yes, they are (or were) all Marvel properties.

  • X-Men
  • X-Men: The Mutant Watch
  • Spider-Man
  • Spider-Mania
  • Behind the Ultimate Spin: The Making of 'Spider-Man'

As Comprehensive of a Vision of the MCU Multiverse as I can Make

169 films

If it's official MCU, built around MCU iconography, or otherwise connected to the MCU via explicitly depicted multiverse bullshit, it's…

  • Back to the Future Part II
  • Zoolander 2
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Dune: Part Two
  • Untitled Gladiator Sequel

I improved the titles

9 films

You're welcome, movies

  • Once Upon a Studio
  • Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham
  • Robots
  • Carl's Date
  • American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes

The Banner is Just the Poster Again

249 films

The Banner is just the poster again

  • M*A*S*H
  • There's a Girl in My Soup
  • Move
  • Mahoney's Last Stand
  • Parades

Posters That Are Goofy, Zany, And, Perhaps, A Little Bit Wacky

100 films

Common elements include: -Exaggerated fonts -Warped proportions -Extreme contrast and exposure -airbrush painting -scenarios not present in actual films -cartoonish…

  • Atman
  • Return to Dust
  • Christmas Presence
  • W I N T E R S L E E P
  • And We All Shine On

Cursed Images

106 films

My obsessions, film and memes, united in the most unlikely way. *Don't Forget to Feed Your Neopets starts playing*