• Sullivan's Travels

    Sullivan's Travels


    Perfect, more or less.

  • Dead for a Dollar

    Dead for a Dollar


    This is *precisely* what I hoped it would be. A movie of very specific pleasures made for fans of the old school Western (it's dedicated to Budd Boetticher) and the way gunshots sound in Walter Hill movies. Sometimes they're bullets, sometimes they're words. I love both.

  • The Munsters

    The Munsters


    Gotta be honest, this is fun. My only real substantive complaint is that it's too long, but other than that it's clear that RZ's really got his heart in this one and I'm glad we watched it.
    (Standout in the cast for me: Jeff Daniel Phillips. Also important: kids will LOVE this.)

  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show


    Sometimes cinema speaks to you.
    And it's important that you listen. The best of it has a voice that carries, lingers over time.
    All these years later, this movie can still be heard. Let it tell you what it knows. What it's learned, loved, and lost. It's the plain truth.
    As good as storytelling on film gets. Countless perfect moments add up to a perfect portrait of imperfect lives.

  • Last of the Dogmen

    Last of the Dogmen


    What I remember from when this came out was people saying "they don't make em like that anymore" -- true in 1995 but even more so now. Gotta love how rewarding the simple pleasures of a good & interesting story well-told can be. That's where the treasure is.

  • The Cursed

    The Cursed


    Full on fell head over heels for this one. Exactly what I hoped for but even better? Gorgeous and gothy and gory. There's no way this plays as well for everyone, I'm sure. But it damn sure played that way for me.
    We who love it will *really* love it, I'm thinking. Just aces.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Some of the realest shit I ever seen. Weirdest, too. And hella entertaining to boot.
    Michelle Yeoh gives a performance so good that it transcends mere awards; she deserves them all anyway.
    My favorite movie of the year so far.

  • Born Yesterday

    Born Yesterday


    Judy Holliday is perfection. A high quality flick but she's magic.

  • A Touch of Zen

    A Touch of Zen


    An astounding work of art. Masterpiece, without question.

  • The Soldier

    The Soldier


    Glorious 80s B movie cheese with fantastic stunts and lots of violence. A great time, then.

  • My Bodyguard

    My Bodyguard


    This is basically perfect. The script should have won the Oscar that year. The actors: superb, no notes. Everything about it works. I wish everyone would watch it.

  • Scream



    A fine tribute to Wes. Worthy of the SCREAM name without question. Grounds the franchise in a new era for the slasher and pushes forward, but respectfully. I appreciate that.
    This is a good #ScreamMovie -- which means there's still no truly bad ones.