A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice ★★★★½

"Back then, if we could have heard each other's voices, everything would have been so much better." ~Shouya Ishida

This is my second time rewatch, and I'm still in love with A Silent Voice. Naoko Yamada brings a story of a bully and a deaf girl to life through pretty animation, realistic characters, and a hopeful yet dreary tone. Though the audience doesn't follow the perspective of Shōko Nishimiya all the way through, they get to understand the growth of Shōya Ishida as he comes to terms with his past mistakes.

I have yet to watch the English Dub, but I plan on watching it after learning that the voice actress who portrays Nishimiya is deaf. Miyu Irino and Saori Hayami do a fantastic job as Ishida and Nishimiya, giving fitting voices for two people who experienced types of bullying in their childhood. The rest of the cast did a great job as well.

The story, while nothing grand, is admirable for its simplistic setting but relatable topic. Past mistakes can haunt someone for a long time, even when they're trying to learn from them to the point where it affects their relationships and mental health. There will be bumps on that path, but in time, mistakes will be mended.

I love Kyoto Animation Studios. From Kanon (2006) to Violet Evergarden. They bring an actual visual to the animation. There are dream-like sequences that can be stunning and emphasize the mindset of the two main leads. The animation goes well with the cinematography and editing.

You know you've been living in a box when A Silent Voice introduces you to My Generation by The Who, and you think it's an original anime opening. I was bopping until I came upon that fact, giving myself the proper facepalm. Anyways, the score is beautiful.

All I will say is that Ishida and Nishimiya deserve everything and each other. They're too cute and soft for words.

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