Captain Marvel ★★

4/10 avoid if there's better movies in theaters

It's a nothing movie. It suffers mainly from being connected to the larger universe, but on it's own it's just a "oh cool". But Brie Larson couldn't convey compelling emotion if her life depended on it, Jude Law is perpetually a Surprise Villain so any twist is lost, the movie spends half it's time in flashbacks, 90s references, and "sly" nods to previous movies. It's just a 2hr Introduction to a character that'll appear in the larger, more important movie next month. It's a prologue. It's a waste of time.

To be fair, Ben Mendelsohn was the best part of the movie, but that may be because his role and his subplot was the only them resembling a coherent arc.

The Supreme Intelligence is laughably bad and confusing, basically just Master Control from Tron.
Characters from previous movies show up just to let you know that it's connected to the previous movies.

Retcons to previous entries are abundant and it wants you to pretend you never saw CA:TFA or The Avengers.