• Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    I really love Wenders' restrained storytelling approach here. There's barely any dialogue, not much really happens, and all we do is follow this guy's routine for days as it gets subtly disrupted here and there and it's such a magical thing to watch. We feel so much for him and get to know him so well just through small actions, his facial expressions, the way he treats other people that largely goes unnoticed by those other people. There's so much…

  • Knight of Fortune

    Knight of Fortune

    Has some nice moments but feels plodding and overlong and you get where it's going and the point pretty early on

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  • The After

    The After

    Despite David Oyelowo's immense talent, this is a dud from the beginning. Comes across way too manipulative, hokey, and doesn't have anything meaningful to say. After the tragic accident, shots of David looking sad set to melancholy music just don't quite do it for me, sorry. And I couldn't help but feeling this would be better if we didn't get the backstory at the beginning and slowly pieced it together or if we just didn't see it at all. That…

  • Our Uniform

    Our Uniform

    I liked the creativity of the animation but I just wish there was more of a point to the narration instead of observation, it also feels too short, and maybe would have been okay with just the observations if it was at least longer and more detailed

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  • Pachyderm


    Painterly images with minimal movement, a dense and harrowing sound design, subtle narrative, this is a really good short

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  • WAR IS OVER! Inspired by the Music of John and Yoko

    WAR IS OVER! Inspired by the Music of John and Yoko

    Finally a 2024 Oscar nominated short I did not like. This had all the ingredients to be something I loved, I really like history and WW1, anti-war messaging is great, John Lennon and Yoko made good music, this animation is gorgeous, but alas, they went about it all wrong. Probably one of the stupidest anti-war things I've seen in recent memory. First off, why not just make it WW1? The weird uniforms threw me off, and I don't see the…

  • Letter to a Pig

    Letter to a Pig

    I haven't seen all of the animated shorts yet but I think this will probably end up being one that best utilizes the medium of animation. You could take out all of the already scant dialogue here and the story would remain the same, you'd still get everything you need to get out of it. The sparse animation might be difficult to adjust to for people so used to more mainstream animated fare, but it works very well here once…

  • The ABCs of Book Banning

    The ABCs of Book Banning

    I was a little skeptical going in because I read this review that said it seemed like a strange choice to interview kids about this subject because how would they know what they are missing out on when they are missing out? And I agree, I think you become more appreciative of the books you've read once you're older and understand more the implications of what they mean.

    But I guess I was wrong or these kids are way smarter…

  • Elemental



    I liked the animation, I liked the casting of not A list stars, especially Mamoudou Athie, who is just great as Wade, and I like the gag of his whole family crying at everything. But other than those things, this is just so bland and cookie cutter. The allegory here is also kind of weird in how direct is, like it's barely even an allegory, it just is an immigrant story. There's just something off-putting in this direct approach while…

  • The Barber of Little Rock

    The Barber of Little Rock

    Another short doc I liked though it could have gone a lot deeper, I was kind of wondering about the source of the money like they briefly address it but the whole thing makes it feel overly fairy tale esque, like Arlo just decided to do this and the government gave him a bunch of money. I’m sure it could not have been that easy. 

    But on the whole I really liked Arlo and obviously what he’s doing is really…

  • Red, White and Blue

    Red, White and Blue

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A very good abortion drama that nevertheless suffers from being a short I think. Never Rarely Sometimes Always is still the best abortion film I've seen and I guess I keep comparing everything to that, even if that's not exactly fair. But Eliza Hittman's film is so subtle and poignant and all of that subtleness and power is lost here where things are spelled out a little too much. Did we really need a flashback scene showing the cops at…

  • The Taste of Things

    The Taste of Things


    I am actually not so mad anymore that this got chosen as France's entry for international film over Anatomy of a Fall. Anatomy had the bigger buzz and of course there's much more in the way of plot, but despite it being about a murder, I'd say Tran Anh Hung's film is just as thrilling. The real travesty though is that neither film ended up actually nominated for an Oscar.

    One of the best movies about food probably ever, and…