Eternals ★★★★★

I loved this movie so much, probably more than it should be loved. The MCU has been taken to new heights. This film is certainly not a film that we’ve seen before in the MCU.

Visually speaking it was a spectacle. The color tones and overall cinematography was fantastic and was out of the norm for the MCU.

The characters were written very well and they all had their own personalities and features that made them unique and a well rounded unit. There are a few things that could’ve been handled better character wise but overall I enjoyed them.

The story is non linear so it jumps around a bit in time, I don’t mind this at all I actually enjoy films that do this it’s sort of like connecting a puzzle and once it’s all said and done you are left with a extravagant portrait.

The film doesn’t answer all your questions about our new additions to the MCU but it does cover a lot. I felt like some of the details were swept under the rug but for the most part it was all laid out for you.

There were jokes, I didn’t hate them. MCU has done way worse in the comedy department in the past, not saying every joke worked but the majority did for me. 

Chloé Zhao brought her vision to the MCU and she created one of the best installment in my opinion. She created a remarkable film and I would love for her to return to write and direct more projects in the franchise.

And yes this film is diverse… DEAL WITH IT!

My Critic Score: 9.5/10
My Enjoyment Score: 10/10

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