WandaVision ★★★★

We just watched the finale and wowzers. 

In retrospect, the series really had me on a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions but I’m still unsure how I feel about how I feel about it as a whole.

What I do know is I enjoyed watching this series week to week, at first I was wanting instant gratification but I actually started to enjoy looking forward to something to watch on Fridays.

Acting and performances were decent, nothing more and nothing less than what the MCU has offered us before and that goes for the cinematography and score as well.

The direction and writing of the show is what really stood out. We get a series within a series and that concept alone is unique and ambitious especially for the MCU. Ultimately I feel that it worked but also I think some things could’ve been tweaked to make the sitcom feel even more hard hitting.

I won’t get too much into the finale but I will say that I wasn’t completely satisfied with how everything got resolved, and the more I think about it the more issues I have with it. I had a feeling that not all of our questions weren’t going to be answered but if we would’ve had a tighter storyline I think the series would’ve been a lot more impactful.

I enjoyed the series but wish I would’ve enjoyed the conclusion a bit more.

Overall Score 8/10

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