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Persona is my third Ingmar Bergman film and so far all three have been 100/100’s. Bergman is such an excellent filmmaker, his films are so unique and interesting and well crafted. Persona feels wholly different to the other 2 films (The Seventh Seal and Autumn Sonata) but at the same time actually quite similar. 

I loved the odd and “surreal” opening of the film, it really set the tone of the film and within just a brief few minutes we were morphed, changed and shot into this contrasting world of dark and light, of the face and of the soul, of truth and of lies and most of all of the persona.

I’m obviously not going to run through the whole plot and soil the film for you, there are no spoilers in this review, later on I will however set up the plot as I typically do and if you do not wish to read that then by all means you can leave after I let you know.

After the odd and surreal scene we cut straight into reality and the narrative of the film begins in such stark contrast to the previous scene, however also in a way identical, but that’s something for you to find out when you watch the film.

In terms of the actual narrative, it’s definitely very interesting....

An actress went “silent” one day during a performance and hasn’t spoken a word since. She’s been tested and she has no issues physically or mentally in the conventional sense, so it seems like this silence is entirely her choice. Nonetheless she is assisted by a nurse and the two go to stay in a beach house where the nurse looks after her. Their relationship begins to develop and all sorts of revelations are made...

That’s about as much as I’ll say on the plot.

Both of the leading performances were excellent in this film. There’s so much to dissect and to discuss with this film which I always like and I’ll be thinking about it forever. Certain odd scenes with editing later on in the film I really loved. And also this film was shot superbly.

I now welcome Ingmar Bergman to my favorite filmmakers list!

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